A Voice of Dislike Shouldn’t Be Silent

Ueno Naoka in Koe no Katachi, Chapter 61.

With Koe no Katachi ending in Chapter 62, a resolution was made for those affected by the life of the main heroine, Shoko Nishimiya. Everyone found a sense of peace with what they wanted to do because of her. However, some things remained the same in the case of Ueno Naoka, a girl who once strived for the attention of male lead Shoyo Ishida, whose eyes focused solely on Nishimiya. Some of the words she gave Ishida before the end reflect how differences will always be present and you know what, that’s okay.

In the preceding chapter, Ueno talks to Ishida about their goals after high school. The conversation takes an interesting turn when she decides to reveal a secret from their past as elementary school students. She reveals that she and her friends desperately wanted to get away from Ishida after the incident that labeled him as an outcast alongside Nishimiya back in the beginning of the series. Ueno says,

“I think they (Shimada and Hirose) wanted to erase the fact that you were ever friends…and…so did I…I’m sorry, Ishida. I wrote on your desk too.

I bad-mouthed Nishimiya-san..and put dirt in her shoes…I’m just…an awful person…Even after all this…I …continue reading