The Fault in a Fighting Dog’s Stars

Yowapeda's Eikichi Machimiya.

When people get down about something, they often feel the need to lash out. They sometimes don’t and repress their negative feelings. Next thing you know, things get a little out of control and those same folks don’t know what to do. Then comes in a savior who says that they can control that uncertainty and make you feel wanted.

But what if that savior may be going through the same process as his victims? Yowamushi Pedal’s Eikichi Machimiya, a central antagonist during the Inter-High’s 3rd day storyline and a character that shows how an honest individual can turn into a manipulator easily, form a crowd using their newfound ability to trick others into joining them, and be saved when the time is right.

Machimiya makes his first appearance in the story around Volume 19 of the manga/Episode 43 of the anime, where he playfully teases the favored cycling teams to win the Inter-High, Hakone Academy and Sohoku High School. Machimiya then claims that his team, Hiroshima Kureminami Technical School, will trample both of them. Both Sohoku and Hakone’s captains show some concern, but are focused on their own rivalry.

Machimiya begins to plant the seeds of doubt into the minds …continue reading