Kyoto’s fifty most overrated tourist spots

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto city and the surrounding prefecture are full of historic spots worth a vist, but of course some places are going to be over-hyped. So, goo Ranking recently conducted a survey looking at Kyoto prefecture tourist spots that didn’t live up to expectations.

1st: Kyoto Tower, 113 votes

The clear winner here, mainly as the modern-looking tower is out of place in old Kyoto, but also that most of the interesting buildings are too close and difficult to photograph well. I’ve never been up it myself, but looking at English-language reviews, it is worth it. By the way, the shape of the tower is modeled on a candle.

2nd: Kyoto International Manga Museum, 31 votes

As you can perhaps guess from the photo, the manga museum is in an old school building. Going to a building full of manga comics to read sounds like a dream for many a person, but apparaently there are few permanent displays, little series criticism or research, so combined with many areas where photographs are forbidden, it is often a disappointment to visitors expecting much more.

3rd: Philosopher’s Walk, 30 votes

Walking The Philosopher' Path

What could be wrong with a nice stroll amongst the trees along a stream? It’s a bit narrow so soon gets packed, and outside of cherry blossom and autumn leaves season it’s all a bit dull, quite frankly. I’ve walked it too, and did have the feeling of “Is that it?” too. There’s some nice tea shops along the way, so if you get bored with the stroll stopping for a cuppa should refresh you.

4th: Dreamton Village, 28 votes

Kameoka, Kyoto

There’s some corner of a foreign field that is forever England, and …continue reading