Why You Should Fly a Drone this Golden Week (and How To Do It)

Source: Gaijin Pot

Japan’s Golden Week holiday is around the corner and many will be making their way out of the concrete jungle of Tokyo to enjoy all the great nature, culture and omotenashi that Japan has to offer.

This is also the time when droves of tourists are snapping millions of photos and videos of their trips. While I have no doubt about the beauty of these photos, I do also believe there’s an opportunity we’re missing. An opportunity to take things to new heights.

Enter the drone.

Drones have become safer, easier to use, and widely available to the consumer market. In a nutshell, outside of Tokyo you are generally fine to fly a drone. This means if you’re climbing any mountain, going to a lake, or exploring some hillside shrine, a drone is a fantastic way to capture those breathtaking scenes that will make your trip that much more memorable. Here’s why.

You can get the ultimate selfie

Drones have redefined the selfie. You can now get some awesome point-of-view shots that capture the beauty around you, not just your beautiful face.

It’s easy – no skills required

If you’re getting a video or photo from 400 meters in the air, …continue reading