What’s There to See at Shibuya Crossing?


Shibuya Crossing may be a small area but it’s one of the most jampacked places in Japan every single day. As the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, it accommodates thousands of people every day crossing from five directions. Additionally, the traffic lights have a two-minute cycle and the crowds thin out only after midnight when the Shibuya stations finally close.

What To See

The presence of several landmarks make Shibuya Crossing a very popular tourist spot in Japan. One of them is Hachiko, the dog that came each day to meet his owner after work at Shibuya Station back in the 1920s. The dog’s owner eventually died but Hachiko continued to come to the station every evening to wait and this went on for some 10 more years.

As an entertainment district, Shibuya boasts of great restaurants, shops, night clubs, karaoke and izakaya. In fact, it is well known as one of the country’s fashion centers particularly for the youngsters.

Izakaya are Japanese pubs where coworkers and friends meet and lovers share a romantic moment. It is also a popular venue for birthdays, retirement parties and other celebrations. Common food served here are sushi, sashimi, yakitori, karaage, tofu dishes …continue reading