Japanese Superfoods: Kinako

I was first introduced to my love kinako (soybean flour), smothered on and around my other love, mochi (Japanese rice cakes). The flavor was like nothing I’d ever tasted: deliciously nutty, slightly spicy and delicately soft and sweet all at the same time — just another food-based confirmation of choosing to become a Japan-dweller!

But kinako is not only flavorsome. It is also a proven superfood, and, one that is suitable for our gluten-free and nut-allergic friends, too: kinako is finely ground and roasted soybeans. It has a powdery flour-like texture, it is golden brown in color, smells warm and nutty, and tastes similar to roasted peanuts.

Why Is It A Superfood?

For starters, in Japan soybeans are known as the “meat of the field.” This is because, soybeans are a wonderful source of plant-based protein. Kinako, naturally sharing the same nutritional profile as the mighty soybean is packed with more protein per 100g than actual meat (note that).

In addition to protein, kinako is rich in soy isoflavones (interestingly known to promote hair growth by mimicking oestrogen and reducing …continue reading