What’s happening in Japan’s “Happening Bars”?

Editor’s note: the following article contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity. If you’re easily offended or under 18, please cease reading this article and read this one instead.

Have you ever wondered what is happening in Tokyo at night? And what is the meaning of “Happening Bar”? Have you ever been curious what all the fun is about? Why do people from all over the world come to Tokyo for the supposedly funky and fetish sort of fun and some the other ‘f’ words?

The things that happen at happening bars in Japan have been happening here for centuries.

Well, I have… This would come as a shock to people other than close friends to see me saying this. People are always quick to judge. They could never see it from my outer appearances. What can I say? Don’t judge a book by its cover,…unless it’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. And as many people say, I am one of the most hard working, self-improving, disciplined person you may ever known. But I am also very active, out-going, and I value experience, any kind of experience. This is the one I felt I lacked, even after so many years …continue reading