Stores for babies and kids clothes in Japan

“Kids should be seen and not heard” goes the laboured old saying. Well, should that be the case in Japan, at least we can have our offspring looking smart in the latest set of threads. Or can we? In Japan, at least. Indeed should we? Is it worth the expense to kit out the little ones in the latest brands, only for them to be discarded in the all-too-soon future. The brand clothes that is. And more to the point, where can we shop for babies and kids clothes in Japan anyway? Well, plenty of places, if you know where to look. (One supposes you don’t start looking until the pitter patter of tiny feet looms.)The market for kids clothes in Japan (as well as toys, treats, and educational materials) might be seen as one where branded, pricey items come to the fore. This might be down to Japan’s population decline resulting in doting grandparents having fewer grandchildren to spoil. For the budget conscious parent however, such items will likely be seen as an unnecessary stretch. However, in an attempt to cater to a wide range of budgets we list below a number of stores in Japan from which parents can buy clothes for their kids at a range of prices, from the high-end to the cheap. Starting with the high-end, of which there are a lot …High end stores in JapanKodomo Beams (b こどもビームス)Web: seems to be somewhat of a ‘go-to’ store for fashion conscious Japan. Their kids off-shoot, Kodomo Beams, also looks to be well stocked with some of the hippest of kids fashion in Japan. Definitely the ‘go-to’ place for those cool, little fashionistas … if mom and dad have got the money!Kodomo Beams works with a large number of brands (covering most letters of the …continue reading