Birth story P.1 : Birth Control

When I met my husband, I wasn’t on birth control. There had been no need so why even try to figure out how to go about getting it while living in a foreign country. But, suddenly there was a need and I wanted on it fast. Originally I would have prefered an IUD but I honestly didn’t know how to ask anyone about it and the few Japanese who I did ask had no clue what I was even talking about. So I settled for just finding a ladies clinic and everything would be fine. Or so I thought. My school I was working was no help because the nurse didn’t ever seem to like me and told me I didn’t need birth control, so I went out and googled it myself. I found two ladies clinics nearby but after sitting in the waiting room and meeting with the doctor, I was told they didn’t offer the pill at all. So, hoping the third time was a charm, I biked over to another clinic in the area only to fat the Gynecologist(婦人科) part of the clinic had closed down. What luck right? But what luck! This clinic was very helpful and directed me to the nearest place that they knew for certain to get me what I wanted and they didn’t charge me for my doctor’s visit.The pill in Japan is expensive. It is not covered by insurance and you are required to do full blood work before you can start. I think I spent 20,000yen on my first visit. And I was required to go back fairly often during the beginning so they could make sure my body was adjusting well to the hormones. Each visit cost the typical 2000 yen and then there is out the …continue reading