Oral care much more of an issue these days

Compared with 10 years ago, how has your interest in oral care changed? graph of japanese statistics

A popular stereotype of the Japanese is wonky teeth, which whilst there is a lot of truth to it, the awareness of good oral health has improved in not just my opinion, but in the opinion of the Orange Page’s monitor group, according to the results of this survey into oral care. This survey was conducted in conjunction with Philips

I’ve finally started using an inter-dental brush for bits of food that get stuck; I cannot floss as I don’t like touching my teeth with my hands, and indeed the dental hygienist flossing for me is more stressful than the drill! I used to use an electric brush, but I never really enjoyed it, and gave up once the battery stopped holding its recharge.

Here’s a polite Japanese toothbrush found probably in a hotel’s amenity set:

Research results

Q1: What concerns have you (or what treatment are you currently undertaking) regarding your mouth? (Sample size=1,068, multiple answer)

Plaque, tartar 42.5%
Yellow teeth, stains 31.6%
Dental caries, decay 27.1%
Bad breath 27.0%
Gingivitis 26.5%
Teeth alignment, bite alignment 23.7%
Swollen, bleeding gums 15.8%

Q2: Compared with 10 years ago, how has your interest in oral care changed? (Sample size=1,068)

Much increased (to SQ) 29.8%
Somewhat increased (to SQ) 44.9%
Not changed 24.0%
Somewhat decreased 0.9%
Much decreased 0.4%

Q2SQ: What caused you to become more concerned about your mouth? (Sample size=798, multiple answer)

I went to the dentists and thought I want to prevent further mouth problems 56.6%
I heard that oral health can affect one’s overall health 44.9%
As aging care, aging countermeasures 35.8%
Good teeth is cleanliness 33.5%
I want to keep 20 teeth for when I’m 80 years old 26.7%
I started to worry about bad breath more 21.4%
I want to avoid having to shell out for major treatment in the future 18.9%

Q3: Have you ever used an electric toothbrush, and if so, what type? (Sample size=1,068, multiple answer)

Rechargeable brush 27.6%
Non-rechareable brush 26.4%
Never used any type 51.7%


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