6 Useful Websites For Your Life In Japan

Most of the time, living in Japan is an incredible and rewarding adventure. But there are also the occasional road bumps that make life here more challenging than if you were in your home country. Yet oftentimes, when going through those you’ll find that you’re not alone — someone else has experienced the same obstacles and has come up with the amazing idea to put together a solution to your problem — in a website form.

Here are six websites that are game-changers for many foreigners living in Japan — including many on the Savvy Tokyo team!

1. Happy Cow
Find vegetarian restaurants in your area

In the western world, we take for granted how customizable our diet is — gluten intolerances, nut allergies, lactose aversions and religious dietary restrictions aren’t even given a second thought.

In food-worshipping Japan, however, it’s a whole different story. It isn’t too difficult to avoid eating red meat, especially given the country’s love for seafood and eggs, but if you have serious dietary concerns, the culinary world of Japan is a little more of a minefield.

For those with particular food restrictions who still want to maintain a healthy social life, Happy Cow is a godsend. Founded in 1999, the site was built to help vegetarian and vegan travelers find available options for eating out and buy vegan products. With a database that covers 183 countries (including Japan, of course), in the past 18 years the site has become one of the most vital go-to resources for vegans and vegetarians alike. You can search by cities, find the deets for vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you, see reviews and photos — and even note some useful Japanese phrases for ordering your food!

2. Hyperdia
Find the cheapest and easiest routes

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