Amazon happenings that Japanese can relate to

Danbo Was Once Lost but He Has Now Seen The Light

I’m not a big Amazon user, but I can still empathise with many on this list of Amazon happenings.

Last night I saw a news item on the dark side of Amazon and other net shopping; many areas that had already lost local shops to superstores were now losing the remaining shops to Amazon and similar services, so older folks who are either not comfortable with (or even capable of) net shopping or prefer the human touch now had few places to shop, and in particular fresh vegetables were difficult to come by.

I’m sure that I could save about 20 minutes a day by doing net shopping, but I still don’t trust the quality of fresh vegetables that one might get, and I like the physical experience of browsing the salad and side dish corner to see what looks nice or is on discount each day.

As for Amazon Prime Video (or NetFlix, etc), I just don’t have any urge to watch!

Here’s Danbo, Amazon Japan’s mascot character, looking rather sad:

Ranking results

Q: Which of the following common Amazon happenings can you empathise with? (Sample size=500)

Rank Votes
1 The box is far too big for the contents 107
2 Even though I don’t choose express delivery, it arrives quickly 75
3 I don’t buy before reading all the reviews 62
4= I get tired trying and failing to search for items 61
4= If I find something nice in a physical store I check the price on Amazon 61
6 I feel I could live exclusively on mail order 59
7 I get interested in items with both extremely positive and negative reviews 53
8 Sometimes I feel the actual items slightly differ from how I thought they would be 42
9 I’m an Amazon Prime member, but I haven’t a clue what I can use it for 38
10 I recommend at work stuff I’ve searched for 34
11 Cardboard recycle day is nothing but Amazon boxes 31
12 I rapidly respond to Prime Sales 25

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