Best Water Spots in the Land of the Rising Sun

I grew up near the beach in a tropical country. When I moved here, I almost gave up on seeking new adventures with water. I was already aware that Japan doesn’t have the pristine white beaches (except Okinawa and a few islands) we had back home in the Philippines.However, that was a year ago and with that amount of time that passed, I happen to prove myself wrong. And since we are celebrating Ocean Day pretty soon! Let me share to you some of the awesome places that I have been to for more than a year of being here in the Land of the Rising Sun.Let’s begin with the one that I recently visited.SARUSHIMA Working as an English teacher here in Japan could be tiring. And I am that soul that begs to get out of the city every now and then. Luckily, I have this awesome housemate that would keep on bugging me to do the same whenever we share the same day-off. One day, she told me we were going to this place called Sarushima in Yokosuka. The island can be reached by a ferry from a port in Yokosuka for 15 minutes. I recommend you to bring your own snacks and enjoy them in the picnic area of the island.2. YUIGAHAMAI recommend you to buy beer …continue reading