Reasons why summer in Japan is such a challenge (and how to make it easier)

It’s been great reading the posts by others on here about things to do during summer in Japan or tips about how to deal with the heat. What I thought I might do here is explain what it is about summer in Japan that might draw out so much (fine) advice about how I cope with it. This is all personal to me, although I dare say some of it is shared by plenty of others living in Japan.(Image: iMorpheus Flickr)The first time the idea of summer in Japan entered my conscious was back in 2002 and the FIFA World Cup jointly hosted by Japan and South Korea which I watched on TV from the comparative comfort of an English summer. A lot of fuss was made by the sports media back home about how England’s players would get on in the heat of Japan. Pretty well as it turned out and watching the action unfold on TV gave away no sense of just how hot and sticky things were. Still, if England can get to the quarterfinals and give eventual winners Brazil a decent run for their money, the heat and humidity can’t have been all that, can it? As it is though, with Japan’s summer in mind, the 2002 World Cup was played out over June, which is still pretty sticky to be fair. England played their games in Saitama, Sapporo (inside the dome presumably with air con), Osaka, Niigata, and Shizuoka. I think the main point to draw from this is that from a distance it’s almost impossible to appreciate just how hot and humid parts of Japan can get in the summer. I think this is exacerbated by the fact that Japan just doesn’t look like …continue reading