A Spoon & Tamago Guide To Matsushima

Matsushima, a port town in Miyagi Prefecture, has one of the most picturesque bays in all of Japan. But don’t just take our word for it. It’s considered to be 1 of “Three Views of Japan,” a select list of the country’s 3 most celebrated scenic sights. So instead of coping with the swarms of tourists in Tokyo and Kyoto, we recently had the opportunity to head up North because beaches and seafood were calling our name.


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Sendai Station

If you’re traveling from Tokyo, Sendai Station will be your hub where you get off the Shinkansen and transfer to a local train. But don’t just pass through. Spend some time in this station because there’s so many good eats. We recommend trying some zunda, a local treat made from ground edamame. Zunda-mochi and zunda-shakes (we tried both) are two common variations.

We also highly recommend the sake shop, which has a vending machine to top all Japanese vending machines. It has a sake tasting vending machine that, for 100 yen, will poor you small cups of different local sake. It’s like playing the slot machines except you never lose.

Tohoku has the cutest little train stations #matsushima #TOHOKUxTOKYO

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Matsushima pier where you board the ferry that takes you for a cruise

Matsushima Bay

Take the JR Senseki Line to Matsushimakaigan Station, a quaint little platform of a stop that looks over Matsushima Bay. A short walk and you’ll …continue reading