Retirement in Japan

Retired people, how satisfied are you with current public pension provisions? graph of japanese statistics

It’s something we’ll all (hopefully, although Trump seems to be trying his hardest to save us from that worry…) have to face, retirement, the subject of this survey from @nifty.

I just recently started our company pension scheme, and I’ve managed to reconnect myself with one of my UK private pensions, and after a visit to a financial adviser last month, she informed us we had enough to survive, although enjoying might be a different matter… Most Japanese companies still have a hard retirement age of sixty, and some (like my employer) with schemes to reemploy people on rolling yearly contracts at no doubt reduced wages.

I skipped translating question seven, as it was a list of famous people who are growing old ideally; top for men was Tokoro George then Tamori, and for women it was Sayuri Yoshinaga followed by Tamori. However, my ideal, who features nowhere in either the male or female top ten, would be Beat Takeshi. I’d love to be as talented to basically not give a care about anything or, as is more probably true, to be able to appear to not give a damn.

Here’s some random Japanese people enjoying their retirement:

Research results

Q1: Up to what age do you feel you’d like to work until? (Sample size=2,727)

Up to 49 years old 4%
50 years old 3%
55 years old 3%
60 years old 19%
65 years old 25%
70 years old 12%
75 years old 4%
80 years old 1%
For as long as I can 20%
Don’t know 11%

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