Typical happenings at a Japanese dentist


Finally I found a good goo Ranking after a long blank stretch, this look at typical happenings at Japanese dentists.

I hate the whole idea of dentists, but it’s a necessary evil, and of course the feeling after getting de-plaqued makes the visit worth it. I also hate hands in my mouth, especially when the dental assistant does flossing; I cannot floss myself, so I use interdental brushes or pre-strung flossing things.

Here’s a random dentist sign:

Ranking result

Q: What typical happenings at Japanese dentists can you sympathise with? (Sample size=1,023, multiple answer)

Rank Votes
1 I actually only go when my teeth hurt 392
2 I’m confused as to where to put my tongue during treatment 345
3 My lips dry out during treatment 219
4 Scared that I’ll get scolded “You left it until it got into this state!” 197
5 I close my eyes during treatment 195
6 My saliva pools up 191
7 The sound of the drill sets my teeth on edge 148
8 I open my mouth wide enough to dislocate my jaw 147
9 It’s difficult for me to go to the dentist’s as I’ve been avoiding it for so long 127
10 I feel relaxed by the dental hygienist’s smile 116
11 As I’m unsure about the treatment fee I take a lot of cash with me 114
12 I only brush my teeth thoroughly after visiting the dentist’s but stop once treatment is complete 113
13 To try to avoid producing saliva, I tense up a strange place 101
14 I wither away at the dentist’s forceful scolding 99
15 I stare at the lamp during treatment until it hurts my eyes 95
16 I’m joyful to find a good local dentist 90
17 I get sleepy during treatment 89
18 I redouble my gargling after treatment 88
19 Drilling hurts but should I endure or should I stop? 74
20 I break out in a nervous sweat during treatment 62
21 During treatment I open my eyes wide and fix my stare on the dentist 61
22 I want to burst into tears in the waiting room 60
23 When I find a good dentist I want them to fix everything 58

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