A Traditional Live Music Show at Ran Theatre Kyoto

Source: deep kyoto

A couple of months ago Mewby and I were invited to attend a traditional live music show at “Ran Theater Kyoto”. During the show we were entertained by a large number of talented and enthusiastic musicians playing a variety of traditional instruments from all over the Japanese archipelago. I found the show highly enjoyable, but the audience was a little sparse when we went and it seemed a shame that these hard-working musicians didn’t have more people to see their performance. They definitely deserve to be seen by more people – so of course I want to recommend them on Deep Kyoto!

The show begins with a rousing and passionate performance from two taiko drummers.

After that different instruments from across Japan are introduced in turn and the music and culture they are a part of is explained by an English speaking guide.

A shinobue bamboo flute and koto.

Each instrument is given a chance to show its own merits before the musicians come together for ensemble performances.

Shamisen from Aomori.

You will probably recognize some of the classic tunes: predictably they play Sakura, and Shima-Uta but also the theme from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, “Zankoku no Tenshi no Teze” from Evangelion, and a sweet rendition of My Favorite Things on the koto and shinobue flute!

Soulful songs from Okinawa sung alone…
…and with backing.

There are plenty of other regional tunes and songs I didn’t …continue reading