should only be a part of your job search

While is the best place to find open positions in your area, there are still some opportunities that don’t end up on even the best job board listings online. In the extremely rare case that you are looking for a job not already on, you’re going to want to do a bit of extra legwork to have a chance at the positions that fall through the cracks.

To get ahead of those who stick to the job boards, you’re going to want to utilize your Google-fu, your email writing skills, and a whole lot of patience (in addition to your usual Jobs in Japan activities of course!).

Assuming you already have a top-notch resume and CV (and after applying to all relevant jobs on Jobs in Japan), just running a Google search for companies in your desired field and location will often produce some great leads.

For example, let’s search for an International School Position in the beautiful city of Kobe.

The front page alone yields a variety of places we can contact about job opportunities.

The first step is to go to the school website and look for any “Job Opportunities” or “Careers” tabs or links. These are rare, but when you see them use them as they are a great way to “jump the line” ahead of people waiting on job boards.

If any particular company doesn’t have a convenient “Work Here” tab, Google the school’s name and along a word like “job” or “opening.” This can sometimes lead to past online job listings. While we obviously can’t apply to those now-filled jobs, it will reveal some potential names, emails, and phone numbers for our next step.

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