Dog people outnumber cat people almost two to one

Are you a dog person or a cat person? graph of japanese statistics

@nifty took a look at animals and pets.

Especially given that a new baby panda was recently born in Japan’s most well-known zoo, Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo, I was surprised to see pandas relatively low in the listings; penguins beating dolphins also seemed a bit odd.

I wouldn’t really recommend a visit to Japanese zoos; the two inner-city ones I’ve been to, Kobe’s Oji Koen Zoo and Osaka’s Tennoji Zoo are more prison camps than zoos. Safari parks are a bit better, and aquariums are impressive, although they could do with more space for the dolphins and whales.

After Ueno zoo’s baby panda, perhaps the most popular amongst the internet generation is the Siamang gibbon in Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya with its distinctive old guy scream:

Research results

Q1: What animals do you like? (Sample size=2,575, multiple answer)

Male Female
Dog 55.5% 58.0%
Cat 41.2% 55.0%
Penguin 22.2% 35.1%
Dolphin 19.4% 29.8%
Panda 15.1% 31.0%
Horse 16.6% 24.9%
Rabbit 13.9% 27.0%
Tiger 13.6% 17.8%
Hamster 9.8% 19.9%
Lion 10.2% 17.0%
Elephant 10.2% 15.6%
Capybara 8.6% 18.3%
Zebra 7.3% 17.4%
Giraffe 7.2% 14.8%
Other 4.1% 9.7%
None in particular 23.8% 14.6%

Q2: Are you a dog person or a cat person? (Sample size=2,575)

Dog 63.0%
Cat 37.0%

Only the 39 years old or younger age group had cats in the majority, 54.8% to 45.2%. The male versus female breakdown was not reported.

Q3: Which of the following have you had as a pet? (Sample size=2,575, multiple answer)

Male Female
Dog 54.0% 52.7%
Fish 49.4% 47.9%
Bird 44.3% 51.1%
Cat 35.8% 38.5%
Insect 28.7% 22.9%
Tortoise, turtle 22.6% 21.9%
Rabbit 15.8% 14.8%
Hamster 13.5% 21.3%
Invertebrate, amphibian 6.1% 5.3%
Other 1.6% 3.9%
Never had a pet 16.1% 13.8%

Q4: About how often do you visit zoos, aquariums? (Sample size=2,575)

Once every two months or more 1%
Once per season 2%
Once every six months 5%
Once a year 12%
Once every two, three years 17%
Once every four, five years 9%
Once every six to ten years 14%
Haven’t gone in the last ten years 36%
Never been to either 5%


Between the 25th and 31st of August 2017 2,575 members of the @nifty monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

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