Shamisen live × Sake × Masuzushi


“Shamisen live” × “Regional Sake” × “Various types of Masuzushi”
Did you know, in Japan, 11th of November has a special meaning? It is said that it is the good encounter day! Who knows what this special day will bring~ *wink*
Whether you’re a tourist or a local, let’s all have fun together! Why don’t you come with us to enjoy Toyama night! You will get to taste various specialities from Toyama while listening to Japanese traditional music.
– Performaers: Takuya Hamatani (Shamisen player from Iwase, Toyama)
– Beverages: More than 5 kinds of Sake, also beer and non-alcohol beverages. It’s an all you can drink event! (Nomihoudai)
– Cuisine: Masuzushi, a traditional sushi using vinegared trout sashimi. We have several types of Masuzushi so that you can compare their tastes. They are much more different from each other than you’d expect.
– Souvenir: Japanese traditional candy made in Toayam

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