The 300 Bar: Homegrown, Handmade and High-Quality

Source: Gaijin Pot

If you’ve spent any time in Tokyo looking for a reliable watering hole (that doesn’t put a major dent in your wallet with outrageous drinks prices, entrance fees and table charges), then you’ve probably stumbled across (or out of) the original 300 Bar in Ginza — or one of its two sister venues nearby.

As it states quite clearly in its name, the venue is located in Ginza, renowned as as being the poshest area in Tokyo. If you aren’t super familiar with the area, live elsewhere in the Kanto region (or Japan) or are just passing through — it can be a tricky location to find a comfortable (and not too expensive) space to enjoy a cocktail, have some nibbles and relax by shaking off the workday with other friendly people of like mind. For over 25 years, 300 Bar has been the place in the area to do this and (also true to its name) — everything on the menu is only ¥300. After work or shopping, before dinner or heading out to a club or as a destination in its own right, you can stop by these tachinomi (standing bars) and enjoy a quality tipple for the cost of just three ¥100 coins. Even better, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. the happy hour at 300 Bar puts even its top shelf premium spirits on sale for ¥300. Did we mention that all this happens in the middle of ultra glitzy Ginza and within an easy walk of Ginza, Shimbashi or Yurakucho stations?

300 Bar 5-Chome

The original 300 Bar 5-Chome opened in 1992 just across from what is now the luxury Ginza Six shopping complex. One of the first true “standing bars” in the city (before the popularity of such places spawned a host of imitators), 300 Bar 5-Chome …continue reading