Trendy To Traditional: 5 Unique Baby Gifts From Japan

Fortunately, a previous article on baby products has already (thank God!) shown us the kimono for babies and wet wipe warmer machines. However, there’s still a lot more in store when it comes to memorable and uniquely Japanese baby gifts for your family and friends in and outside of Japan.

Some gifts, like the diaper sushi cake, have been trending for a few years, while others are steadfast traditions in Japan. Ranging from cheap to luxury, here are five Japan-unique gifts to stay on up-and-up with baby fashion and products.

1. Trendy: Sushi Diaper Set

You’ve probably heard of the “diaper cake,” but Japan is taking that trend into fine dining with the diaper sushi cake or just diaper sushi. In Japanese, it’s referred to as “omutsu zushi,” or diaper sushi. Gaining popularity since 2012, it’s a stock of 10-cm by 6-cm diapers wrapped up as delicious-looking rolls and nigirizushi. Each comes with a diaper and one “household item.” For example, a tamago (egg) sushi is a yellow sponge and white diaper. We’re not exactly sure why you need your diapers like this, but then again, we’re not sure why you don’t. It makes for a cute and fun gift. Plus, the founding company even handcrafts the sets and ship overseas with an English website.

Price: About ¥5,500 to ¥15,000
Buy at: (In Japan) or (International)

2. Cute: Totoro Diaper Cake

So, we have established that you definitely do need to buy a diaper cake gift, however, what if you’re looking for something a little cuter and less raw-fish-esque? Totoro, a favorite Japanese character from the anime “My Neighbor Totoro,” has its own themed diaper cake perfect for Studio Ghibli lovers and …continue reading