10 Free and Cheap Things to do in Shimokitazawa

Source: Tokyo Cheapo

Step into Tokyo’s trendiest neighborhood and explore the bohemian streets of Shimokitazawa: home to vintage clothing, great coffee and Japanese theater.
Local favorite of the cool kids in the city, Shimokitazawa is a laid-back hub of activity just 5 minutes by train from Shibuya. Once a farming area, it became a safe haven for people looking to leave the city after the great Kanto earthquake in 1921 and was spared any damage during the WWII air raids. It was turned into an American marketplace shortly after and soon became a home to the hippies of the 70s and subsequently the hipsters of today. With narrow streets dissuading drivers, the area has a relaxed pedestrian feel, with plenty of great spots for people watching and th

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