5 Ways to Energize Your English Teaching in Japan as Winter Approaches

Source: Gaijin Pot
5 Ways to Energize Your English Teaching in Japan as Winter Approaches

With the novelty of the new school term wearing off, the weather turning chilly and the year starting to wind down, it can be a struggle to keep things upbeat in the classroom. If you find yourself lacking inspiration at this time of year, don’t despair. Whether you work as an assistant language teacher or at a private language school, here are five suggestions for things you can do to rev up your teaching and bring some fresh ideas into the classroom.

1) Ask to observe other teachers

Watch how they go about their work. How do they structure their lessons? What tasks and activities do they use? How do they set them up? How do they give instructions? What happens before the tasks? What happens during? What happens after?

How do they incorporate reading, writing, listening and speaking skills into their lessons?

Look at what works for them and what doesn’t. What would you change if you were teaching the class? How could you bring elements of this teacher’s techniques into your own lessons? Can you learn anything from their classroom manner?

Don’t just look at specific activities. Take note of general approaches. Do they pre-teach vocabulary? When and why? How do they approach feedback — do they correct errors immediately or later? Are they mostly positive or mostly negative with their comments?

If you can, convince someone to observe you and offer feedback on things you could work on. Having a conversation about teaching can give you insights from the mundane (“I need to speak more slowly.”) to the magical (“Wow! Good lesson planning really does make a difference!”).

2) Let the learners drive the lesson

Google “task-based learning” for ideas and prepare to step back from being the obviously dominant voice. Rather than always leading the class yourself, delegate responsibility to the …continue reading