How to See (And Taste!) the Best of Japan’s Tohoku Region

Source: Gaijin Pot

The number of visitors to Japan has risen rapidly in recent years and with this increase has been a desire among tourists to venture out into Japan’s lesser-visited regions. Places like the northern region of Tohoku allow visitors to see some of the best sides of the nation including incredible scenery, delicious local cuisine and beverages, and old traditions that continue to live on.

Farming and fishing villages in Tohoku possess a unique food culture that matches the landscape and climate of the region. Recognizing that a lack of information on the area and minimal infrastructure in the villages may prevent visitors from seeing just how special they are, Tokyo-based publishing company The Cuisine Press has developed a travel tour product called “Fooding Tourism.”

Based on the theme of “travel dedicated to exploring local cuisine,” the company aims to transform the Tohoku region into a travel destination for overseas tourists by emphasizing the uniqueness of its farming and fishing villages.

The “Fooding Tourism” project encompasses a series of approximately 15 tours sold by the company’s partner travel agencies, including JTB. These tours range from one-day experience plans to multi-day excursions and include set courses, as well as tours that can be customized to suit guests’ interests and activity level. Check out a few of the more unique trips below.

Iwate: Kotatsu boat ride and World Heritage Site of Hiraizumi

Iwate is one of Japan’s northernmost prefectures with stunning natural scenery. Highlights of this tour include cruising down the river through the Geibikei Gorge. Participants ride on a small motor-less boat which is carried downstream by the current and steered only by the pole of its helmsman, making for a serene journey.

The cruise operates in all seasons, but wintertime is especially magical as guests experience the tranquility and spectacular snowy scenery from the warmth …continue reading