Tokyo Comic Con 2017. Tokyo Ghoul ♥️ Tokyo Comic Com but the cosplayers?

The Cosplay Crusaders At Tokyo Comic Con 2017

Tokyo Comic Con 2017.

This is year 2 for TokyoComicCon!

“What started as the Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970, Comic Con today is an event encompassing technology and pop culture. The San Diego Comic-Con (U.S.) is a huge annual event in early July, attracting more than 130,000 visitors by showcasing large range of elements; comics, animation, games, and movies.”–Tokyo Comic Con 2017

Last year, On December 2016, the event made its way here as Tokyo Comic Con 2016. The organizers state that: “In close relation to ‘Silicon Valley Comic Con’ organized by Woz, Tokyo Comic Con is a festival celebrating Japanese and American pop culture, while keeping its genetic American style foundation. Unlike other existing comic, film, animation festivals or game shows, this is a place where everyone can share and enjoy the revolutionary and enthusiastic experience.”

Well, whether it’s a revolutionary experience or not depends on you, but so far it has been quite fun.

There is an interesting mish-mash of Japanese and American comic books, displays of Batman figures, the Justice League, Tokyo Ghoul, Star Wars booths galore. You can be photographed with Darth Vader, experience using “The Force”, hold the heavy guns from Bio Hazard aka Resident Evil. And on the first day, a Friday (December 1st), …continue reading