Another Set of Eyes

You’ve spent hour after hour toiling away at your resume, and polishing your cover letter. Finally, you put the finishing touches on both documents and sit back to admire your work. Your employment documents are complete! You’re 100% ready to begin your pursuit of the perfect position.

The only thing left to do is upload them to Jobs in Japan and let the job offers start rolling in!

Not so fast, partner.

At this stage, what you actually need to do is forget about it. After clicking Save one final time, walk away from the computer. Go watch TV, play racquetball, drink some green tea, read a comic book. Whatever you do to unwind, do that thing and forget about your resume for an entire day. You need to rid your mind of any thoughts of your job search and your possible future job in Japan.

After you’ve been job-search-free for 24-48 hours, open up the files and give them one final read. You’ll find things “feel” different after you’ve had time away. Your sizing might seem small. Your experience at Bob’s Big Boy might seem less important. You might find a “you’re” that should be a “your” hidden in your text. These little fixes might feel small now, but even one error in your documents can preclude you from getting the job of your dreams.

Alright, you’ve given your resume and cover letter a proper re-read. So now you’re finally ready to upload to Jobs in Japan!

Hold your horses.

Now it’s time to get another human being to read through your documents. You might be a great writer, or you might be unexceptional. Either way, now is not the time to be too proud to ask for help. No matter your skill level, your way of writing will always be at least slightly …continue reading