5 Recommended Places to See the First Sunrise of 2018 in Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot
5 Recommended Places to See the First Sunrise of 2018 in Japan

According to belief, Toshigami, the god of the new year, harvests and spirits of ancestors arrives when the sun rises on New Year’s Day. If you stand outside and make a wish during the sunrise, you will be blessed by Toshigami and your dream will come true.

Whether you believe that or not, seeing the sun rise on New Year’s Day in Japan is indeed something special — if you can see the sunrise that is! Many people say that the view of the dawn from the summit of Mt. Fuji is the absolute best place for hatsuhinode, but there are dozens of incredible places to see it all across Japan. Here are my top five picks for hatsuhinode spots across Japan.

1. Tokyo Skytree (Sunrise 6:46 a.m.)

Sunrise at Tokyo Skytree

It’s the tallest tower in in the world and during its special Jan. 1 opening hours (5:30 to 7:30 a.m.), 892 lucky visitors can enjoy taking in the sight of the first sunrise over Tokyo. Tickets cost ¥7,000 but grant full access to the facility. The spots on the entry list are chosen by lottery, however, so if you want to enter — you should definitely hurry! According to past guests at this event, it’s a good idea to dress somewhat more formally than you otherwise might — it’s not a black tie affair, by any means, but it is better to err on the side of formality. There are often women and men in fine kimono that gather here, so wearing pajamas is probably a bad idea, even if you have stayed up all night.

2. Ryugatake, Yamanashi Prefecture (Sunrise 6:48 a.m.)

RyugatakePhoto by Furbychan


Another mountain, Ryugatake only takes an hour or so to climb …continue reading