Curry Delivered to you on a Model Train! Niagara Curry

Curry Delivered to you on a Model Train! Niagara Curry 1

At Niagara Curry, you’ll feel like you’re in a train museum. You’re surrounded by Japanese train memorabilia. Your curry rice even arrives on a little model train! Located near Yutenji station, Niagara Curry provides a wonderful experience. It’s a must must see in Tokyo.

Niagara’s black model trains have been delivering Japanese-style curry rice to hungry customers since 1967. I’m sad to say that the owner of Niagara Curry recently passed away. But his legacy and love for trains certainly lives on.

The owner was gentle, friendly man

The Ambiance

Japan is full of train aficionados. They’ll wake up early in the morning just to get a glimpse of the latest bullet train making its first run, or to see an old model retired.

Niagara Curry is heaven for these train fanatics. You’ll see colorful and rustic train station signs, old train conductor hats, or pictures of older trains traveling in the scenic Japanese countryside. When you order, you even receive a little ticket that says “Niagara Station”.

Here you can see the little model trains in action, delivering the curry:

The Curry

To be honest, their curry is average. It’s really the overall ambiance that makes Niagara curry most memorable. While you’re munching on your curry, you might overhear Japanese Train Otaku passionately talking about their favorite trains like they were models walking down a runway.

Curry Delivered to you on a Model Train! Niagara Curry 4

Regular Niagara Curry (¥720)

They’ve got various curry options. There’s curry with Hamburg steak, egg, deep fried shrimp, vegetables, …continue reading