End of Year Greeting in Japanese

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With just another day left in December, I can’t believe it’s almost 2018. This year has gone by too fast for me. How about you? How did your Japanese learning go this year? Hope you had a fulfilling year and learned as much as you could.

Since it’s the end of the year, I thought I would cover the end of year greetings or messages in Japanese. Especially at your workplace, it’s very important to thank everyone you worked with for the past year. Just a simple thank you message goes a long way and leaves you on a good note for starting the new year next month.

These messages are nice note to send not only to your co-workers but also to your friends. 🙂

Thank you for everything this past year.

Kotoshi mo iroiro osewani narimashita.

今年も 色々 お世話に なりました。(ことしも いろいろ おせわに なりました。)

Thank you for all your support this past year.

Ichinen kan taihen osewani narimashita

一年間 大変 お世話に なりました。

I am so glad I had an opportunity to work with you this past year.

Kotoshi ichinen isshoni oshigoto ga dekitakoto totemo ureshiku omotte imasu.

今年 一年 一緒に お仕事が 出来たこと、とても 嬉しく 思っています。

(ことし いちねん いっしょに おしごとが できたこと、とても うれしく おもって います。)

Looking forward to be working with you again next year.

Rainen mo issho ni oshigoto o sasete itadakeruno o tanoshimi ni shite imasu.

来年も 一緒に お仕事を させていただけるのを 楽しみに してます。

(らいねんも いっしょに おしごとを させていただけるのを たのしみに しています。)

I appreciate for your continued support for next year.

Rainen mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

来年も よろしく お願いします。(らいねんも よろしく おねがいします。)

I wish you a Happy New Year.

You otoshi o omukae kudasai.

よい お年を お迎え ください。(よい おとしを おむかえ ください。)

Thank you for reading my blog this past year! I hope to be able to continue writing in 2018 sharing many more Japanese culture and language. I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Kotoshi mo watashi no Blog saito o yon de kudasari arigato …continue reading