Japan News This Week 31 December 2017

Japan News This Week.


Deal With Japan on Former Sex Slaves Failed Victims, South Korean Panel Says
New York Times

Beethoven’s Ninth: 10,000 singers for Japan’s Christmas song

Ex-yokozuna Harumafuji to face summary indictment as early as Thursday
The Mainichi

Fears of another Fukushima as Tepco plans to restart world’s biggest nuclear plant

How Sea Shepherd lost battle against Japan’s whale hunters in Antarctic

Probe casts shadow over ‘comfort women’ deal
Asia Times

The Fukushima Fiction Film: Gender and the Discourse of Nuclear Containment
Japan Focus

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On Wednesday, December 27, Taro Aso became the second-longest-serving finance minister in the post-World War II period. That day marked his 1,828th day in office.

The longest-serving finance minister is Kiichi Miyazawa, who spent 1,874 days as Finance Minister.

Asa should overtake Miyazawa on February 12, 2018.

Source: Japan News, December 28, page 3.

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