Solving Underground Mysteries: Tokyo Metro Train Games

Japan bullet journal

Tokyo Metro Train Games – Why do it?

I find these days exploring new cities has become a little predictable. You can research everything about a place before you arrive, from which are the most popular tourist attractions, to which restaurants to go to and what hotels to stay in. Whilst this wealth of information certainly has it’s benefits, sometimes it takes all the spontaneity and adventure out of travel. I have found some of the best moments when I have traveled abroad and indeed in life have been those moments of adventure, when you don’t have everything planned out in front of you and you just see where the day takes you.

When I spotted the poster for the Tokyo Underground Mysteries I decided it would be the ideal weekend activity to help me forget about work and explore some new parts of Tokyo. I didn’t really know much about what was in store for me, but that made it seem all the more intriguing. So, having roped my husband into accompanying me, we set out one October Saturday morning to find out more.

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