Most new adults on LINE and Twitter, just one in four on Facebook

What kind of job would you most want? graph of japanese statistics

With today being Coming of Age Day in Japan, let’s look with Macromill Research at what 2018’s new adults think about things.

I was quite surprised to see how low the usage percentage was for Facebook, although I have heard before that in America “only old folk use Facebook”, so I suppose Japan would catch up. I’m not on LINE and only auto-post the blog to Twitter, yet active on both Twitter and Google+, so I suppose I must be one of these old folk!

Here’s a typical scene from around town with the women dressed up to the nines for the Coming of Age ceremony:

Research results

Q1: Do you have dream for your future? (Sample size=500)

Yes 54.4%
No 37.8%
Don’t know 7.8%

This figure has been steadily dropping since 2014, when 60.2% had a dream, and is the lowest recorded in the 11 years they have been running the survey.

Q2: Is the future for Japan bright or dark? (Sample size=500)

Bright 34.4%
Dark 65.6%

This figure too has been steadily decreasing since 2014, but still higher than any pre-2014 figure.

Q3: What kind of job would you most want? (Sample size=500)

Company employee 30.6%
Public servant 20.1%
Self-employed, freelancer 7.9%
Other 7.5%
Full-time home-maker 2.1%
Farmer, fisher 0.4%
Not decided if I will seek work 3.6%
Don’t know 27.8%

Q4: Which of the following digital devices do you have? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Notebook computer 62.6%
iPhone 61.4%
Android 36.0%
Desktop computer 14.8%
Tablet 12.8%
Feature phone 4.6%

Between 2015 and 2016 the iPhone overtook Android, and now is almost twice as popular.

Q5: Which of the following services do you use? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

LINE 96.0%
Twitter 80.4%
Instagram 51.4%
Facebook 25.6%
Google+ 12.2%
mixi 1.8%

Facebook and Twitter both started at around 50% back in 2013, but as the years pass the gap has steadily grown.

Q6: Do you have expectations and worries regarding AI? (Sample size=500)

Expectations Worries
Strongly 13.0% 14.6%
Somewhat 24.2% 33.4%
Can’t say 33.4% 31.0%
Not really 18.6% 13.4%
Not at all 10.8% 7.6%

Q7: Which new adults do you expect to perform in 2018? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Rank Percentage
1 Shoma Uno (male figure skater) 33.2%
2 Fujita Nicole (model, TV celeb) 30.6%
3 Rui Okoye (baseball) 22.4%
4 Hinako Sakurai (actress) 18.2%
5 Satoko Miyahara (female figure skater) 17.8%

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