Almost everyone follows North Korea news, majority affected by it

Do the actions of North Korea affect your daily life? graph of japanese statistics

@nifty released this timely survey on North Korea.

It is interesting to see what bothers the Japanese about North Korea. Note that in Q1 the wooden boats refers to wooden fishing boats that get swept to the Japanese coast.

Here’s a detail from a mural in a film studio in North Korea – I think the guy with the rifle is Japanese holding North Koreans prisoner:

Research results

Q1: Which of the following relate to your image of North Korea? (Sample size=2,620, multiple answer)

Japanese abductees 78.5%
Missiles, nuclear weapons 74.1%
Kim family 73.1%
Military dictatorship 55.8%
Surveillance society 47.6%
Food shortage 44.1%
Wooden boats 37.9%
Mangyongbong-92 (ferry name) 37.4%
Kippumjo (pleasure squad) 30.4%
Female announcer 27.2%
Mass games 21%
Paradise on Earth 4%
Reimen (cold noodles) 3%
Strong sports country 1%
Other 4%
Nothing in particular 2%

Q2: Do you pay attention to news about North Korea? (Sample size=2,620)

Very much so 33.5%
To some degree 56.4%
Not really 8.1%
Not at all 2.1%

Q3: Do North Korea’s actions affect your daily life? (Sample size=2,620)

Very much so 13.5%
To some degree 43.7%
Can’t say either way 23.9%
Not really 13.6%
Not at all 5.2%

Q4: Do you think the J-Alert missile lauch warning announcement is effective? (Sample size=2,620)

Effective 9.3%
Is needed, but also needs to be improved 51.2%
Not effective 32.4%
Don’t know 7.1%


Between the 22nd and 28th of December 2017 2,620 members of the @Nifty monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were provided.

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