Creamy Mushroom Ramen near Tokyo Station – from Soranoiro

Creamy Mushroom Ramen near Tokyo Station - from Soranoiro 1

Soranoiro Tonkotsu and Kinoko has some truly unique ramen, including a signature mushroom ramen. Near Tokyo Station, this ramen shop is brought to you by the same creative geniuses behind Soranoiro in Kojimachi (quality vegan ramen).

Mushroom Ramen

Their mushroom ramen (Kinoko Veggie Soba) will have mushroom lovers rejoice. The broth literally tastes like cream of mushroom soup. But the broth is also powered by veggies, soy milk, and wheat. They also pour a layer of mushroom oil on top. Even the noodles include a shiitake mushroom powder!

Mushroom Veggie Soba Special, ¥1,100

Some Other Ramen

They’ve got some other unique ramen dishes, including the Spice Maze Soba, which comes with free extra noodles (Omori). Unlike ramen, maze soba is soupless and oil-based. This particular Spice Maze Soba is quite salty and has a strong curry taste. It has a good helping of chopped onions, mizuna, tomatoes, and minced pork, which all bring the dish together nicely.

Creamy Mushroom Ramen near Tokyo Station - from Soranoiro 3

Spice Maze Soba, ¥880

It’s also worth trying their Spice Tonkotsu Soba. Unlike the previous 2 entries, this one uses thin noodles.

Tonkotsu broth, shio (salt) tare, several spices, and spicy miso give it a savory quality. Like the maze soba, it holds a curry flavor. For garnish you’ll find coriander, sliced onions, and tomatoes. You can choose medium spicy or spicy.

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