Time to do your income taxes

Doing taxes can be a really worrying thought, but the experience of it here in Japan is nowhere near as terrifying as you might think.

Depending on your situation, you may have one of a few scenarios:

  1. Your have a full-time job and they are doing your taxes for you.
  2. You have a full-time job and they are not doing your taxes for you.
  3. You have a few part-time jobs stitched together to make up a full-time salary and you definitely have to do your taxes yourself.

Here’s the thing, being in the second or third situation might be better for you, as doing your own taxes can net you a lot of deductions that your company might not care to look for.

What you need to do your taxes:

When you go to the tax office from February 15th this year, you’ll need to bring a few things to make sure you can do this in one go and not have to go back home.

  • Gaijin Card
  • My Number Card
  • All of your 源泉徴収票 (genzen choshuuhyou) – Tax withholding slips
  • Inkan
  • Expenses like travel (hotels and flights count if they are for business)
  • Bank books (in case they want to check income and expenses)

Don’t forget to bring your phone when you go to the tax office with a translation app on it.

They will help you at the tax office

Most of the time we think of public services here to be a very difficult situation. Going to the ward office to move house can be annoying, as in 90% of cases there is nobody there who can speak English, and even if you can get by with daily Japanese you’re often asking for forms that have a lot of kanji or words you don’t understand. They are complicated forms, and tax is no different. Using some kind of translation app will sometimes miss …continue reading