Memories of feature phones that haven’t faded

TV + Cellphone = Jealousy

Although smartphones are far more feature-rich, this survey from goo Ranking took a look at what feature phone memories people felt most nostalgic for.

From an internal point of view, feature phones have been completely superceded by Android and iOS-powered phones, but externally, a few local manufacturers are making Android-based flip-phones, which incidentally I think I can upgrade my pretty useless and too featureless to be called a feature phone Wi-Fi-based work mobile to, which might be interesting from a technical point of view to see what they are doing.

My best memory is a variant of number 3, the button that was one push to open the phone.

I remember this phone! One Seg television, and the screen half on a rather over-large joint that could flip either vertically or horizontally.

Ranking result

Q: What feature phone memories do you feel very nostalgic about? (Sample size=500, multiple answer)

Rank Votes
1 Swapping mail address by infra-red 109
2 Being forwarded chain mail 98
3 The great feel of the clunk when opening a flip phone 89
4 Setting different ring tones for every contact 84
5 When waiting for a reply, choosing the option to check the server for mail 81
6 Ease of carrying them in a pocket 74
7 When the signal was weak, extending the antenna and waving the phone about 70
8= All handsets being basically free with a contract 63
8= Typing in one’s own favourite tune as a ring tone 63
10= The antenna glowing when mail was received 57
10= Watching One-Seg television 57
10= Collecting Deco Emoji (mail stamps) 57
13 Sticking print club photos on the inside of the battery cover 55
14 Typing fluently with two hands 52
15 Slider-style phones were cool 51
16 Selecting one’s own GIF for display when sending and receiving mail 48
17 Having too many straps and getting them caught on things 46
18 All sites were 300 yen per month to view 45
19 Accidentally pressing the power button and having a long email disappear 41
20 Being happy seeing a string of Re: Re: Re: when exchanging mail with someone I like 40

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