Overseas travel and sleep disorder

Do you suffer from sleep disorder abroad? graph of japanese statistics

This survey from DeNA Travel looked at overseas travel and sleep disorders. Note that this survey is about chronic sleep disruption; not just one late night, but a series of poor sleep experiences resulting in a build-up of tiredness.

On foreign trips I suffer hopelessly from lack of sleep, caused by probably everything in Q4… I’m not sure if there was some preselection of the sample, as the questions seem to suggest that it is business trips they are asking about, as having gone on a Japanese package tour, early starts and late finishes destroy any chance of getting even a semi-decent sleep to try to shake off the jet-lag.

Here’s someone in Japan getting enough sleep:

Research results

Q1: Do you suffer from insomnia, shallow sleep, other sleep disorders? (Sample size=2,197)

At home Overseas travel
Yes 33.0% 49.8%
No 55.2% 44.7%
Don’t know 11.7% 5.5%

About 5 percentage points more females than males suffered from overseas sleep disorder.

Q2: How long on average do you sleep? (Sample size=443, those who suffer sleep disorder overseas only)

At home Overseas travel
Less than four hours 0.5% 6.1%
Four to five hours 5.0% 17.4%
Five to six hours 28.9% 33.9%
Six to seven hours 38.6% 33.6%
Seven to eight hours 23.7% 8.6%
Eight to nine hours 2.0% 0.5%
More than nine hours 1.4% 0.0%

Q3: Has sleep disorder ever affected your performance the next day on overseas travel? (Sample size=2,197)

Yes 34.5%
No 55.5%
Don’t know 10.0%

Eight percentage points more females than males have had their performance affected by sleep disorder whilst overseas.

Q4:What has been the causes of sleep disorder on overseas travel? (Sample size=1,091, multiple answer)

Jet lag 67.1% 61.0%
Not used to bed, pillow 21.6% 21.8%
Nervousness 10.7% 12.1%
Room temperature 24.4% 29.8%
Excitement 31.3% 35.3%
Noise outside the room 45.0% 50.8%
Noise inside vehicle (plane, etc) 21.4% 24.2%
Other people in room (to SQ) 33.7% 33.2%
Enjoying the nightlife 8.1% 21.0%
In-flight entertainment system 14.5% 10.9%
Other 4.2% 7.3%

Q4SQ: What relation to you were the people you shared a room with? (Sample size=164, multiple answer)

Husband, wife 14.6% 35.0%
Boy/girlfriend 2.4% 8.9%
Friend 48.8% 69.1%
Parent 4.9% 14.6%
Sibling 2.4% 5.7%
Child 0.0% 6.5%
Other family 2.4% 0.8%
Boss 19.5% 1.6%
Co-worker 24.4% 5.7%
Underling 4.9% 1.6%
Other 12.2% 7.3%


Between the 10th and 13th of October 2017 2,197 people completed an internet-based questionnaire; how the sample was collected was not described. 50.9% of the …continue reading