5 Lingerie Brands In Tokyo That Go Beyond Kawaii And Frills

For many non-Japanese women, shopping for lingerie in Tokyo can be a little frustrating — from sizing issues to a lack of variety, an abundance of overly cute or kawaii designs, and/or ridiculous amounts of padding in bras. But thanks to the introduction of more international brands, lingerie trends, styles and demands are quickly evolving into something a bit more bold, fashionable, and yes, sexy. Japanese brands such as Peach John, Ravijour and Wacoal are now offering new and improved designs that are sheer, sensual and show a lot more skin and natural curves.

Here are five recommended lingerie brand stores in Tokyo to find a wider variety of sexier, yet simpler underwear you’ll feel and look great in.

1. La Perla Minami Aoyama & Shinjuku

Just about two years ago, La Perla opened its first flagship shop in Aoyama, in a very modern and stylish all-glass building. The store looks like an art gallery — an Italian architecture firm intentionally did so, to create a unique, bespoke design. The interior is just as stylish, with all floors communicating a sense of luxury and intimacy with private styling rooms and even a men’s collection on the top floor. A few months later, La Perla opened up a store in Ginza, where the design of the boutique is totally different from Aoyama with shades of amethyst used for the rugs and rich velvet panels that cover the walls. In both stores you can find everything from sexy and unique lingerie to nightwear and even accessories for men and women.

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