JP Smart SIM: A clever way for foreigners to set up their phone in Japan

Source: Gaijin Pot

While the range of options for foreign residents has expanded in recent years, finding the right phone contract that does all the things you need it to, fits your budget and is easy to manage can still be a challenge when you’re fresh off the plane in Japan.

Short, medium or long-term, your foreign status will be a hindrance as many contracts require proof of income over a certain length of stay— a minimum of six months but often more since contracts are typically for two years.

You’ll also need a Japanese bank account, a Japanese address, Japanese language skills and a hefty dose of Japanese gaman to go through the application process, which can take several hours if you choose to do it in-store — our advice: bring snacks.

And getting the contract is only half the battle. You’ll have to monitor your bill in another language, where weird feature add-ons and extra charges are common, and if you dare to switch provider halfway through expect a sizeable fee for breaking contract (yup, see no.4 below if you want a real shock!)

A phone contract designed for foreign residents

JP Smart SIM is a service designed and developed specifically for foreign residents in Japan, meaning that all of the problems you might normally encounter (see above) basically just don’t exist. Apart from dramatically simplifying the whole business of connecting to a mobile network, the company throws in some …continue reading