Kobe Chinatown: Must Eats

Source: 5amramen.com
Kobe Chinatown Must Eats

The port city of Kobe is lesser known than the nearby Osaka or Kyoto. But Kobe has plenty to offer – it happens to be home to one of Japan’s biggest Chinatowns. Kobe Chinatown, locally “Nankin-machi”, is jam-packed with restaurants and street stalls selling mouthwatering Chinese food.

In Kobe Chinatown, here are some must eats!

Fried Dumpling University

Go before opening to avoid a line

If you’re craving quality gyoza (fried dumplings), go to Gyoza Daigaku, which literally means Gyoza University.

They’re that confident in their gyoza. Prepare to be thoroughly educated.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 2

Tall glass of beer & 14 gyoza: ¥980

​Their gyoza are cooked to perfection. The soft side of the gyoza beautifully contrasts with the crispy side while the ground pork and nira make them delightfully juicy on the inside.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 3

​1 person’s portion includes 7 gyoza. But if you’re just 1 person, you’ve got to order for at least 2 people (14 gyoza).

It’s simple and efficient when you arrive. The worker will ask how many there are in your party, how many gyoza you want, and whether you want garlic (ninniku) or not.

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