This Disaster-Preparedness App Could Save Your Life

Source: Gaijin Pot

I don’t like earthquakes. In fact, every time I feel one I begin to write my will. After I was recently rudely awoken by my house shaking, I took it upon myself to learn how best to prepare for an earthquake and found out about this new app called Pocket Shelter.

The multilingual app is quite literally a life-saver, designed to give users the best chance of survival in the event of a disaster. Even just by looking at the app’s key features, I was able to learn a lot about the actions I should take — instead of mulling over who should get my precious T-Point card in case I don’t make it.

Pocket Shelter incorporates four main tools that could help ensure your safety and survival should something serious occur. Here they are, outlined to the best of my newfound knowledge.

1. Informative warnings that let you know the type of disaster

Earthquakes are pretty noticeable. The ground shaking is often a sign. However, it’s prudent to know whether or not the shaking is from a rave next door or Mother Nature having a kick around with continental plates.

Pocket Shelter GaijinPot Earthquake warnings

Pocket Shelter provides comprehensive real time information on earthquakes.

Most electronics in Japan give off a signal or warning when an earthquake is detected, but actually knowing what kind of earthquake it is can make all the difference.

With Pocket Shelter, different levels of alarms and vibrations occur for different intensities. The same goes for if it’s another type of threat, such as a tsunami or ballistic missile. The app ensures that you know what’s going on by sound alone. Plus, whenever one happens it displays a whole host of information related to the event (like epicenter locations …continue reading