【wrestling show】nkw presents 「MADNESS PARK 2018」


Big event of entertainment wrestling organization “nkw” based in Tokyo Koganei!
The place will be held in the “Tokyo Metropolitan Musashino Park Kujira Mountain” under the blue sky.

Details URL → http://nkwnews.blog29.fc2.com/blog-entry-421.html
Contact → nukui.kusa.wrestling@gmail.com

It is an organization born in Koganei, Tokyo, in December 2002.
We propose a genre called “entertainment wrestling”, and students and social workers gather and act, mainly in Koganei city, Tokyo.

Individual rich players who never encounter in everyday life.
For “for myself” and “for customers” the struggle fought over each is laughing, excited, inspiring! What? It’s like a crowded and enriched life theater!
We will deliver a lot of content with “watching free”.
If you are ready to step into “extraordinary” “nkw” will be waiting for you!

☆ Line up ☆
■ First match – Yokai VS devil final chapter – Single match
“Musashi” VS “Floating Devil”

■ Second match match single match

■ 3rd game nkw Tag Team Championship Tag match
The 12th Champion “Love Victim” “King Penguin” (nkw / IWP) & “Kiku·MonTalo” (Super Original)
Challenger “TokoroTennosuke” & “ONAKIN” (SWS Gakusei Wrestling)

■ Semi-final nkw throne match single match
The 16th nkw champion “Mr. Money” VS Challenger “Chaos Streakman Jr”

■ Main Event nkwMD Throne Battle Hardcore 8way Match
24th champion “Daichou care” (N4H) VS “801 Kenichi” (nkw / YWC) VS “Nishizaki Yuiki” VS “Sakai” (N4H)
VS “Asaoka Ryo” (Shinseidai Army) VS “RYO” (Shinseidai Army) VS “San Francisco Zaviwell” VS “Kazushibano” (Free)

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