Renewing Child Allowances in Japan

Genkyo Todoke Sample (Nagoya)

With Japan’s birthrate in rapid decline the government of Japan has stepped in to offer a monthly allowance per child as a way of reducing the economic burden placed on families raising young children and encouraging the growth of families. This article relates to the renewing of this child allowance, which must be done annually.

To learn more about the child allowance program generally, please see this article on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website.

Recipients of Child Allowances, it is time to report!

Child Allowances are provided for people raising children who have not yet finished junior high school (available until March 31st after the child turns 15 years old). Please note that both the parent and the child must be registered as residents in Japan to be able to apply.

Every year around June, recipients are requested to submit a Genkyo Todoke (現況届), or “Current Status Report”, to their local ward office/city hall to remain eligible for this allowance. Please fill out all forms and send all requested documents by June 30 of the same year to ensure there is no stoppage of payment as recipients who fail to submit all above-mentioned documents will no longer be able to receive the allowances until the submission is successfully completed.

Documents to submit:

  1. Genkyo Todoke
  2. Copy of the recipient’s health insurance card *Not your child’s
  3. Passport copies (ID and the arrival stamp pages) only if you were residing overseas as of January 1st last year

In cases where the recipient and the child/family members live separately:

  1. Residence certificate (住民票 Juminhyo) of all family members who live separately from the recipient *My number must be included
  2. Separate custody petition (申立書 Moushitatesho)

*Forms of Genkyo Todoke vary from area to area and the Separate custody petition might be in Genkyo Todoke or a separate sheet.

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