Why I Relocated to Nagano from the Big City

Source: Gaijin Pot
Why I Relocated to Nagano from the Big City

There’s certainly no shortage of beautiful places to choose as a destination in Japan, whether you are coming here to travel, to work or to study. I recently decided to make Nagano Prefecture my new home. Unless you’re a winter sports enthusiast, Nagano is probably unlikely to figure in your top 10 — or possibly even top 20 — places to visit in Japan.

However, since moving here a couple of months ago to begin my new job, it’s fair to say: this place has grown on me.

Having previously lived in Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong, one would think that I may struggle to adapt to the more sedate, sleepy lifestyle of such a rural setting. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only do I feel healthier and happier since I came relocated, from a practical point of view I also find that I have more money in my pocket at the end of the month, too.

I often see comments from foreign residents in Japan across social media as to why they love their own little part of Japan so much. Nagano has only been my home for two months now but I’ve very quickly fallen in love with the beautiful scenery, the relaxed approach to life and the warm, amiable locals.

Honestly, I feel it can stand alongside anywhere else in Japan. So, here are a few reasons why Nagano works for me.

1. Save, save, save!

One common complaint I hear from fellow English teachers in Japan — especially those who have a partner and/or kids to look after — is that their monthly pay just doesn’t seem to stretch far enough. It becomes almost a month-to-month struggle to keep ahead of the debt and get people feeling like they’re just one bit of bad luck away …continue reading