10 Rules to Know Before Traveling to Japan

How much do you know about Japanese manners and customs? Read up on the most important etiquette tips before traveling to Japan.

1. Handling Chopsticks

Make sure to use your chopsticks with respect! Use the chopsticks to carefully pick up food in bite-sized pieces. Never aggressively stab your food or leave your chopsticks just sticking up out of your rice bowl. When taking food from a shared dish, use the chopsticks that were provided with the dish to take the food, or use the clean side of your chopsticks. When you’ve finished eating, place both chopsticks over the bowl or on the plate.

Source: https://cookbestrice.com/rice-chopsticks/

2. Don’t Be A Picky Eater

Japanese chefs work hard to select their menu items down to every perfect detail. When you ask to make changes to the food, it could be seen as disrespectful to the chef. Try to order exactly from the menu as is, and only modify things if you have an allergy need. It is also wasteful to leave food remaining on your plate, so try to finish every bite. In fact, Japanese children are taught to not even leave a single grain of rice left in the bowl!

Source: https://www.rd.com/food/fun/rules-of-eating-japanese-food/

3. Filling Water/Tea

It is typically Japanese custom for people to attentively watch the drinks of the people they are dining with, and notice when they need to be refilled. Japanese people are so polite that you rarely have to refill your own glass! Try to copy this politeness when you dine with others in Japan – when you notice their glasses are getting empty, offer to fill it or order another drink for them.

Source: Irene Theriau (https://fineartamerica.com)

4. Show Your Thanks For The Food

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