The Anime/Manga Version of #IWillListen


If you ever had a conversation with a friend/peer/family member that becomes deep and heavy, you might be tempted to say something that might tell them to “chin up.” But in reality, it may not be the best thing to say because they may not necessarily want advice.

I know I’ve done this, but over the years, I realized that the best lesson is to be quiet and just listen.

Like this classic conversation from the early days of Tite Kubo’s BLEACH, where Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki have a short conversation regarding circumstances surrounding the death of Ichigo’s mother (which is much better done in the manga compared to the anime).


Rukia says the right thing because she admits that she doesn’t know the situation well enough to come up with the right things to say. And she says the magic words that she’ll wait and that she’ll listen when the time came.

We say we don’t judge others, but our own expectations of other people say otherwise. It’s tough, I’ll admit that. However, think of it this way. We’re all the same. We all want to be heard by others without fear. Why deny that opportunity to someone else who needs a guiding voice in tough times? I wonder if it’s because people are taught to think only about themselves to survive in the modern world. Why waste time on other people?

I’ll tell you why. We need friends. We need help from people we may not necessarily know well. Everyone needs help to get around in life, whether anyone admits it or not. Listening the right way is a big part of making you the person you want to be because you …continue reading