Young working women dieting for fitness, not thinness

What is your ideal body shape? graph of japanese statistics

This survey from MyNavi on dieting revealed a pleasantly surprisingly positive view of dieting amongst young working women, despite television and magazines pushing the stick insect as the ideal body shape.

Being none of dieting, young, woman or gym-visiting, I cannot really comment much, although I was a bit surprised that meeting people (the language implied for friendship too, not just searching for a partner) was so low down in the list. The gym my wife visits is quite the social club, full of drama that I hear about in great details most nights.

Hot Yoga may no longer be the in thing, but wonky English never goes out of fashion:

Research results

Q1: Other than to lose weight, what objectives do you have when dieting? (Sample size=601, multiple answer)

To increase strength 53.1%
To get back in shape 40.4%
To relieve stress 38.0%
To relax 25.7%
To recover from tiredness 25.7%
Just for the training itself 13.5%
To meet people, communicate with people at the gym 4.9%
To wear fitness fashion 2.9%
Other 10.6%

Q2: What is important when selecting a diet method? (Sample size=601, multiple answer)

Is effective 57.7%
Can continue it 55.1%
Is fun 48.4%
Can relieve stress 31.3%
Cures ill-health 27.1%
Is relaxing 23.5%
Is easy 20.8%
Can recover from tiredness 18.6%
Can enjoy fashion 6.5%
Can communicate with people 4.0%
Other 2.3%

Q3: Which of these latest fitness methods would you like to try? (Sample size=601, multiple answer)

Aerial/Hammock/Anti-Gravity yoga, exercise 31.6%
Jumping (trampoline) fitness 31.1%
Darkness fitness 23.5%
Boxing, other martial arts exercise 19.5%
Cardio Bar (classical ballet-based exercise) 13.5%
VR fitness 13.0%

Q4: What is your ideal body shape? (Sample size=601)

Sufficiently muscular healthy body 57.1%
Skinny model body 20.3%
Macho muscular well-built body 13.3%
Glamorous body 6.5%
Other 2.8%


Between the 27th of December 2017 and the 11th of January 2018 601 working women who were also members of the MyNavi Women monitor group and between the ages of 22 and 39 completed a private internet-based questionnaire.

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