Otaku Time: 5 Anime to Binge on Netflix Japan Right Now

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Otaku Time: 5 Anime to Binge on Netflix Japan Right Now

For Netflix binge-watchers like myself, finding a decent TV series to gobble up is an inherent skill. However, finding good anime to watch in Japan for those with little-to-no Japanese ability is another story altogether. Luckily, Netflix Japan is filled-to-the-brim with loads of animated releases — both old and new — across every genre. While changing your language settings to English does optimize the menus and provide synopses in English, that doesn’t mean that all the titles available on Netflix Japan will have English audio or even English subtitles. Unfortunately, while it contains plenty of anime titles, few have been dubbed or subtitled in English. It does include some great titles that anime veterans and newcomers alike should check out, though.

Here are five of the best Japanese anime you can watch on Netflix Japan as of May 2018. All of the shows on this list stream with either English audio, English subtitles or both. They are listed in order of lowest to highest rating on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

5. Children of The Whales

Released last October, Children of the Whales is one of the newer shows on this list. Created by the director of the hit cyberpunk animated television series Psycho-Pass, Children of the Whales is set in a fantasy world where people live on a floating island or vessel, but instead of drifting on a sea of water they are borne about on a sea of sand. The people are magic users who wield a power called “thymia.” Their day-to-day lives hold strange, unexplained rules and customs but they live peacefully until one day another island drifts alongside them and changes everything.

What struck me most about this one was its unique visual style. While the characters were created using traditional two-dimensional …continue reading